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More Pages
2024/05/11: Made more pages for you to enjoy. Why don't you check out the Dream Journal or Art Gallery? You might just have a fun time. Revamping of my blog will quickly follow.
A Little tweaking still
How was everyone's January? I've just been making little updates on the site..I feel like i wanna make more major changes but i am unsure as to where.

Added diary & revamped a few things
2023/12/09: I've been adding a few tweaks this past month but nothing too major. Until today i added a diary page YEAH BABY. Its not finished though sorry. I finally figured out how iframes work and if school doesn't get in the way expect even more new stuff. Ok love you xoxo

2023/10/16: I think this is completed enough to replace the main index. Anyway hi huge new site revamp for those who didnt catch the prev updates. Hope you like it

2023/10/14: Anddddddd the newslog is added. not much to say until the entire index is done but hope you like it so far

Any entries below were written about the second index, of which you can view here

Getting a lot of traffic lately!
2023/08/04: I've noticed I've been getting more hits on my site recently! I hope you all enjoy your stay : ). I've added a Gallery to my site to display my art, though it's a little barebones and doesn't have that much art right now. I hope to add more to it soon

New webmaster page & Catbox Down!?
2023/08/03: Heyyyyy another update to the site. This time i added/revamped my WEBMASTER page, so you can learn more about me if you want yaaay. Also i got inspired to add titles to my newslogs cause i think thyre cute. Anyway I think catbox, the site i use to host my audio, is down right now D:!! So until its back up, this site'll be audio free for a while. If it doesn't go back up in like 3 days i think i'll find another way to host audio just you wait.

2023/08/01: Happy August! The first day of the new index being out has been very productive. I finally made the Newslog Archive! I also added some music to this page and the Newslog page. I'm trying to figure out a way to incorporate music credits, but in the meantime please know this page uses Club Penguin - Pizza Parlor, and the Newslog uses Kevin MacLeod - Wallpaper

2023/07/31: Compleeeeete freaking revamp of the index baby! Hope you like it as much as i do, ive been trying to get back into the hang of coding after a while.

Any entries below were written about the first index, of which you can view here

2023/06/02: Notice anything... different..about the buttons?That is because when you click it, It will feel as if you are pressimg a button. Follow for more.

2023/04/30: Edited site background a lil and made it so that the images dont anti-alias when they get zoomed in. Removed the "optimized for firefox" part of the notice cause thats a big fat lie as of this moment.

2023/04/21: ADDED WEBRING FINALLY!! Next up I'll add a journal page

2023/04/14: Added some shrine pages... Theyre 100% WIPS but if you wanna see them... Nine Inch Nails & SpongeBob SquarePants

2023/03/29: The entry below is a lie i just thought i'd tell you guys that i tried to move the entire site up 10 pixels off screen and neocities crashed and i think it was my fault.

2023/03/28: This websites going through MAJOR changes (considering i just started with it) so I won't start updating this section until about a week into production!

2023/03/26: ITEM64 IS BORN!
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