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: Nine Inch Nails
: Futurama
: Everything Everywhere All At Once
: Deltarune

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Series: The Simpsons, SpongeBob SquarePants, Moral Orel, Arcane, Death Note, King Of The Hill
Music: I dont knowwwwwww
Film: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Fight Club, Dreamworks Movies, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Mitchells VS The Machines
Games: Undertale, Portal, Minecraft, Roblox
NOW PLAYING: Cosmic Relief - Nelward
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It/He 16 ENFP Pisces

Hey kid, what's it feel to meet the loser who runs this joint.

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But seriously hi its me the webmastah. I don't know what people usually put in these things so ill just talk about whatever. I'm Iso a.k.a Trent and other names too and im a 16 year old coding from the year 3000 in Canada and i love making friends. Im a transmasc girl who loves women and my girlfriend and Trent Reznor and Zoidberg from Futurama and kisses computers. Also im a furry on top of all that and my fursona's a seabunny. Here's my socials, & you can ask for my discord if you'd like

Personal Blog + Art Blog + Pinterest

Do i consider myself an interesting person? Maybe. That's for you to decide. I'd say im a pretty average guy, or at least as average as someone who's attracted to computers can get. People say im funny and i agree sometimes but not all the time, but most of the time.

On webmastering:I started coding 2021. I say coding but it really wasnt much i just fucked around w/ html a little and i had no idea what im doing. And i still dont but fortunately i got better at bullshitting it! If you checked the source code for a lot of my pages theyre frankly a little egregious and embarassing, but you can do it if you want i dont mind. I learned coding bascially just by typing "html how to do xyz" and asking my coding friends if i was feeling a little adventurous. If you wanna know my full process:

  1. Think of the idea, usually late at night, and write it down on a sticky note at my bedside table
  2. In the morning i look at the idea, and sketch out how i want the page to look
  3. Then code it! Depending on the idea, i either code straight into the neocities editor (which is why, if you follow me, your feed will be BOMBARDED with updates from my site [apologies]), or i code it onto a tumblr theme editor on a sideblog. But yeah

I work in random bursts of inspiration. This is probably the reason i get burnt out a lot, but if i feel like coding I'll code as long as i want too and if i dont feel like it i don't, but i think thats how i get my best work. Even if it does mean me not touching this site for like a month (apologies again)

Annnnnnnnnnd thats all there is to say I think! Take care.