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futurama, solar opposites, moral orel, spongebob squarepants, the simpsons, king of the hill, breaking bad, phineas and ferb, bobs burgers, arcane. i like adult cartoons basically #sorry.

everything everywhere all at once, the mitchells vs the machines, dreamworks films, wall-e, lego movie, electric dreams, 2001: a space odyssey, fight club, the grand budapest hotel, saw i & ii, alien, spiderman (spiderverse & tobey maguire), jurassic park, the truman show, disney fairies

undertale, deltarune, portal, minecraft, stardew valley, roblox, the stanley parable

I actually cant list my fav music cause i feel like a fake fan of whatever i listen to sorry. Um my last fms right there though if you want a lil sample of what fills my headphones

ultracelestial cataclysm (my oc story!), dykes to watch out for, jerma985, ena, hands up, hlvrai, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

Made by Burypink | I stole it from Bruisedgh0st

1) time and date u started this?
2024-05-23 | 9:28 PM

2) asl?
17 nb ENG+TAG

3) opinions on musicals?
I like the SpongeBob musical but that's it

4) favorite snack?
Takiiiiiiiiis im basic im sorreyyy i know they taste bad but they heal my soul YOU DON'T GET IT.

5) have u ever been in love?
Um ya but we broke up..And now shes my best friend 😁

6) favorite pokemon?
Venusaur, raichu, cosmog, togepi, slowpoke, crawdaunt.

7) mario kart main?
Peach or bowser!

8) tf2 main?
If i plaued i think id be good at sniper

9) do you laugh at youtube poops?
Mm yea

10) are you listening to music right now?
Yes i'm listening to my own website's soundtrack

11) favorite shape?
I am partial to the blasted four sided star. Or stella octangula

12) do you believe in astrology?
No but i like my sign i think it really fits me.

13) do you believe in the occult?
I don't know what that is

14) opinions on vocaloid?
I like gumi and kaito & The song freely tomorrow

15) would you ever want to be a rockstar?
HELL YES I'm straight up gonna put together a band call it HULL BREACH IMMINENT and blast the fuck out of everyone's headphones with my straight up nasty glunky beats

Will continue later
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