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Hi! Welcome to Iso's weblog! This is my personal blog page, and it also redirects to other blogs I have on this site. I will update whenever I feel like it, same with my site in general. I may talk about sensitive topics, which will be properly spoilered. However do be warned I swear like a sailor and have the humour of a 10 year old boy, a fact of which I will apologize for ahead of time.

If you are not interested in hearing about my beautiful life then you are free to check out some of my other blog pages as well... dream journal

MAY 2024

26, SUNDAY: I like biology & Language arts. Im getting reaaaally good at both this year especially language arts. AP & up in the 90s for LA I feel like mother nature herself

I was really good at math last semester & last year but this semester... Its lowkey over but not that over. math is fun but it is way way way too fast paced for me. Let me slow down, relax myself, let me grab a drink, some sunglasses. Let me wind down? Scary shit

Social studies im finished with all of it already. Did good

Now chemistry.. 🙁☹ī¸ No sir.. It was interesting in theory but my teacher he was ass & butt. He was incredibly offputting, and mean, & I hated the way he teaches. He spends the first 20 minutes or so of class lecturing about responsiblity. Not good!

I didnt take physics this year. But like 3 people said that i might enjoy it & I agree .. Plus one of my friends' physics teacher is a futurama fan but theres only a 50/50 chanve ill get him. idk physics is a little big-looking and too small at the same time @ high school level. Like astrophysics i can never understand but its just so overwhelmingly facinating to me. But all the basics of physics like energy and force n stuff sounds a little boring. But i know if i ever get into astro i HAVE to take the basics first soo i dont know.

Art is in the bag for me no comment

Graphic design class fun but a little confusing. I made a shirt using adobe illustrator and got a lot of compliments on it its my fav shirt.

So.. Biology/art/language arts/graphic design. What is perfect for that? I don't know

15, WEDNESDAY: Feelin preeeeeeeddy sweet. I feel really creative and its almost the end of the semester im pumped for summer and not having to do anything. IDK WHAT IT IS I just feel so at one with myself right now LOL

Stay Peasful Everyone Have Fun And Try To Have Fun As Much As You Can Okay Guys YES!


18, SUNDAY: Not much to say. This morning my mom said I was getting prettier again. Tonight she reminded me I have to leave my bedroom door open at all times so she can monitor what I'm doing. I NEED to redo the layout for this page it is notttt workin for me.

01, THURSDAY: Started the second semester of the school year. A bit worried about my future.

I think last week may have been among the worst weeks of my life but i moved past ittttttt. I didn't make a blog post at all January so I might as well say it hereMY new years resolution is to listen to more music. I log my albums down and it's pretty fun.

I got a bad final grade on chemistry but at least I passed? IDK its -_- been rough. But all my classes this year i think im gonna have fun with


23, SATURDAY: Almost Christmas YIPPEE! I got really angry this morning but played some sdv and now im fine : )

17, SUNDAY: Dont have to go to church today YAAAAAAAAY. Bad news is im doing kinda bad in chemistry cause i really dont like my chemistry class. I love literally all my classes except for chem nothing against the subject but the class is just so so awful. But if i do fail there IS some good that comes from it!

Like see my parents are pushing me to become a dentist or doctor or some other medical-type thing but the thing is i reaaaally really dont want that. They think im like some mathy sciency super-genius and while i do love math i do NOT like chemistry and have no intentions of ever going into medicine or any health related fields. Im kind of hoping i do fail and even though it would really really suck at first i just gotta rip the bandage off early so they dont expect too much of me. Anyway thats my firstttt entry yippee.


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