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The Stanley Shirt & Other Unrelated Story

May 15, 2024
There was this substitute teacher dressed in so many layers all of them open to reveal a shirt underneath all of them that was really colourful but i can barely see it because of all the layers. but i was like preeeetty sure i saw "The Stanley Parable" text on it it blew my mind. I was planning on asking him all class but i like confronted him and asked him some question about scholarships and he was like you better go to the robotics club for that. and he pointed at some kid there. So i asked the kid who he was, expecting to say "I'm in charge of every scholar ship on earth" but he said me? *gestures around the room* I'm the robotics leader, of course. What's up? And i was like oh shit cooolll. What would i- what would i need to join. And then the dream ended and i never knew if the substitute was wearing a stanley shirt or not.

The Website Dreamer

May 9, 2024
Had a dream about websites and javascript quizzes whilst taking a 15 minute nap

The Scary One For Sure

April 7, 2024
this dream has descriptions of gore Had a dream again i posted 1 selfie in like a 4 x 5 photopost and i regret it after i put my phone down but after that i couldnt find my phone but my other dream was infinitely scarier cus i came home and the bus drove directly to my house so i got off and i went inside and my dad was watching the news about a lot of people filming this one guy doing this pose on top of a pickup truck

and he was like so tightly strung and his muscles were so tightly pulled he was levitating off the ground so everyone was filming all of a sudden from the tension hid arms got ripped off his head ripped off blood everywhere everyone gasped his torso started flying it was so terrifying.
and after that in the dream we had red velvet cake for dinner and the red was the same shade as the blood but i didnt think abt it i was like ooh cake then ate it and only after that i realized it was the same shade. And the cake wasnt his blood dw in the dream i was just glad i ate it then realized it was the same shade otherwise i wouldve been grossed out while eating and couldnt finish it
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