Welcome to my Futurama Shrine!

Before we start talking about the show, I would like to note that there WILL be spoilers on this page (for the Fox run, movies, Comedy Central era, and Hulu revival respectively), however they will be clearly marked, so you will be free to scroll until you see a marker telling you to turn back.

So, what the hell is a "Futurama". Futurama is a sci-fi animated sitcom directed by Matt Groening of The Simpsons fame. It follows a delivery boy in the 20th century accidentally
freezing himself at a cryogenics lab, and thawing a thousand years into the future. While there, he meets his great (x29) nephew, who hires him, along with a robot named Bender and a cyclops woman named Leela to work at his delivery company, Planet Express.
Phillip J. Fry
Our lovable protagonist from the 20th century!
John A. Zoidberg
The company doctor of Planet Express!
Turanga Leela
Cyclops captain of the Planet Express Ship!
Amy Wong
The party-girl intern from Mars!
Bender Rodriguez
Bad-mouthed robot with love in his heart!
Hermes Conrad
The accountant of Planet Express!
Hubert Farnsworth
The professor who owns Planet Express!
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First of all, Futurama is divided into four eras. The original Fox run, then the movies which were released on DVD, then the switch to the Comedy Central channel, dubbed the Comedy Central Run. The show was brought back on streaming services on July 2023. Depending on the site/service you watch Futurama on, the number of seasons may display differently.


Widely dubbed as containing the best seasons of Futurama, the Fox Era is the first era of Futurama, before any reboots or moving networks. It introduces the world of New New York, and gives us a first glance of many of the characters we know and love.

Introduced in the first season is Fry, a delivery boy from the 20th century cryogenically thrust 1000 years into the future, and also happens to be the main character of the show.

"My God... A million years!"
There's a more efficient way to do this probably
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