It/He Teen ENFP Pisces


Feeling: The current mood of iso at www.imood.com

But seriously hi its me the webmastah. I don't know what people usually put in these things so ill just talk about whatever.

You can call me ISO or TRENT or something. Im a lesbian teenager blogging from the year 3000 who has the humour of a 6th grader boy who just learned the word fuck for the first time. Also i reaaaaaaaaaaaally like adult cartoons & Sci-fi. My favourite band of all time forever is NINE INCH NAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i like to indulge in an occasional jerma stream once in a while. For more interests scroll down (beyond the computer)

I like MATH&BIOLOGY. im not very good at it but i like it. I also like art probably PLUS im a furry (my fursona's a sea bunny named xonnie) and kind of autistic. I think retro-computers and the old web are hot AF & Zoidberg from futurama is the LOML.

I LOVE MY FRIENDS & i love making them hard as it may be... I like trying out various hobbies N abandoning them in favour of another that catches my interest. I have two electronic concept albums in my head that I would like to make in the future (Futurism in Pink, Milk of the Mole Princess), and one OC project i hold very dear to me called Ultracelestial Cataclysm.

Decide how you feel about me!